State of Cybersecurity (S1E46)

CyberThreats 2021 (2-3) This discussion starts with an overview of cyber-attacks on federal targets, talks about risk management, and ends with observations about software design to improve cyber security. Patrick Sullivan observes that many of the trends in cyber-attacks we see today began before COVID. However, the unique situation that demanded increased remote access may have accelerated the [...]

Building an Era of Trust (S1E45)

CyberThreats 2021 (1-3) The last five years has seen the cost of federal data storage shrink while the amount of information has had an order of magnitude change. When you combine all this with the remote access demanded by the COVID crisis, we have a perfect storm for changing the core approach to cybersecurity for federal information technology [...]

Waging War on Ransomware (S1E44)

Every day we see headlines about ransomware attacks. If you manage an enterprise system, you may wonder what the best approach is to prevent a malicious actor from taking advantage of your system. Today’s discussion has a “perfect mix” of professionals to give guidelines to help you prevent an attack, and then help you mitigate that event if it [...]

Transforming the Citizen’s Digital Experience in Government (S1E43)

COVID has brought healthcare top of mind for everyone reading this. Unfortunately, it has also become top of mind for malicious actors. Today, we have a manager of a massive healthcare system share his insights on protecting medical data in a fast-changing and dangerous environment. He is joined by an industry veteran who has a long background both [...]

Innovating with Data: Embracing Emerging Technologies (S1E42)

In the world of technology, there has been one constant theme: every day new technology emerges. This could be the personal computer, the iPhone, or the cloud. You will always have the early adopter and then the rest of us. COVID changed all that. Suddenly, federal information technology professionals were forced to jump into the deep end. They had [...]

Innovating with Data: Protecting Data Assets (S1E41)

Most federal information technology professionals learn about secure methods to move to the cloud and the importance of identity management in this process. Today, we examine another aspect of digital transformation: the strategy to protect that data that is a part of that transition. Our two guests bring experience from both the commercial and federal world. Jacques Vilar had [...]

Moving Federal Agencies Toward Zero Trust (S1E40)

By now, most federal information technology professionals have heard of the concept of Zero Trust. They may have it on a long-term plan, but recent security events have put the deployment of Zero Trust to the top of the list for agency goals. This is an interview with three federal technology leaders who have deployed Zero Trust, they are [...]

Innovating with Data: Governing in a Hyperconnected World (S1E39)

Increased connection speed and cheap storage have produced tremendous amounts of data for the federal government as well as state governments. It would not be an exaggeration to say that data collection is going bonkers for state and local governments. IoT devices are attempting to manage traffic, COVID has multiplied jobless claims, and the cloud is making storage [...]

Empowering the Warfighter with the DoD Cloud (S1E38)

Very few places on earth take data a seriously as the Department of Defense. When they consider moves to technology like the hybrid cloud, they must examine every aspect of it from scaling, long-term durability, and cybersecurity.  Because of these considerations, the move to the cloud must be viewed as a serious endeavor. Today’s interview has a warfighter [...]

Streamlining Program Management in Government (S1E37)

Today’s interview has a focus on how to improve program management in the federal government. The wide-ranging discussion presents the opinions of four experienced program managers from a wide range of federal agencies. The respective representatives give an overview of how program management impacts performance. Also, we learn important aspects of program management that involve data: accuracy, transparency, [...]

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