Defending the Economy: Outside-In & Inside-Out

Now designated as critical infrastructure, the IT staff of banks and other financial institutions must skillfully defend their organizations, and our economy, against an increasingly hostile threat landscape Less than two weeks before Christmas 2020, news began to headline across the country: SolarWinds Orion had been compromised, potentially as far back as ten months, likely by a nation-state. Industry [...]

Agencies Should Add Carrier & Network Redundancy to Disaster Recovery Planning

Network failure is simply not an option—it’s always been true of government services, but it’s an idea that has become soberingly urgent as the landscape of government has shifted. Government agencies are increasingly reliant on digital infrastructure to drive internal development activities, serve their constituents, execute critical operations and remain on mission. To that end, most federal agencies have [...]

Protecting Elections & Enterprises with Innovative Cybersecurity Defenses

Both private companies and government institutions have their cybersecurity defenses tested all the time. Attacks are commonplace regardless of an organization’s size or their industry. As such, good cybersecurity and all of the various techniques and tactics used by defenders to protect their networks and assets have become a fundamental requirement for conducting any kind of business or online activity.In [...]

Four Cybersecurity Best Practices Needed Right Now to Protect Higher Education

The focus of technology and cybersecurity within higher education is going through a cultural shift. While higher educational institutions in the past focused on building the strongest firewalls to keep intruders from breaching their systems from the outside, it left everything inside the security perimeter vulnerable — and that unprotected attack footprint is getting even larger and moving away from [...]

Technology is Changing the Face of the Intelligence Field

The intelligence field, like many other industries, has had to make adjustments in dealing with COVID-19. Before the pandemic, there were many concerns about telecommuting in the Intelligence Community, and thus very little implementation. But faced with the need to go from limited remote operations to having a majority of employees working from home, the government responded quickly by fielding [...]

Innovations, Data & Security are Driving Digital Transformation in the Intelligence Community

The federal government has been taking a slow and steady approach toward modernization. However, recent factors, like an increased threat landscape and the need to support massive numbers of remote workers in the face of a global pandemic have pushed more rapid change in some areas. Meanwhile, the Department of Defense and intelligence agencies are embracing modernization to support mission-critical [...]

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