Four Keys to Increasing Federal Cybersecurity in a Heavy Telework Environment

Experts Stress the Need for High Security Vigilance During Telework While many government agencies have been experimenting with telework and its supporting technologies, few were ready to embrace an almost completely remote workforce. But that is exactly what had to happen, and quickly, in order to protect federal employees from the coronavirus pandemic. In the face of that [...]

ABC7/WJLA-TV Helping Largest U.S. Maritime Expo Go Virtual

Friday, April 17, 2020 | 9:00AM EDT | For Immediate Release 4/17/2020 – ABC7/WJLA-TV is teaming up with the Navy League of the United States to bring the content from America’s largest maritime expo, Sea-Air-Space 2020, virtual with ABC7’s federal news show Government Matters on the station’s sister cable channel WJLA 24/7 News. Hosted by Francis [...]

The Top 5 Ways That Government Agencies Can Transform & Modernize Their Networks

Key Messages From GSA’s Allen Hill & Industry Leaders Aging information technology infrastructure has caused problems for industries across America, and the federal government is no different. While agencies have worked hard to preserve legacy IT systems performing mission critical functions, these systems will continue to become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain. Right now, many agencies are [...]

2014 Federal Communicators Survey

Do you use digital media as a communications tool for internal or external audiences? If so, we request your participation in a North America-wide survey on how government departments and agencies are using digital communications. […]

Cyber Policy Debates Re-start, But It Feels Like Groundhog Day

Lots of action and activity around cybersecurity in the last week, yet not much happened to actually increase protection of critical infrastructure. In fact, meaningful change is still a year off. President Obama has shown a propensity for action when inaction grips Congress. Last week a long anticipated executive order aimed at critical infrastructure protection restarted a debate that [...]

The Federal Market Isn’t Disappearing

Last month’s inauguration ceremonies seemed at last to put a terminal punctuation mark on possibly the longest election “season” I can remember. But now at state-of-the-union time, the government must somehow deal with its festering fiscal situation. Unlike their corporate counterparts, at least federal managers don’t for the most part have to worry about their agencies going out of business [...]

FITARA Gets A Hearing, But It’s Not Quite In Focus Yet

Lawmakers, federal contractors and the administration have opened the debate on how urgently a legal update to the IT procurement system is needed. All sides agree that buying can be duplicative, some projects take too long and cost too much, and agencies don’t always get the best prices for commodity-like hardware. But as widely reported, you won’t find agreement on [...]

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