Securing Health Systems & Data

An influx of digital health data and a more dangerous threat landscape are putting health systems at risk, but government and industry leaders are adopting tools and partnerships to mitigate threats. The pandemic has led to many digital shifts and advancements in IT, especially in healthcare with the rise of telehealth and virtual visits. However, the security [...]

The Journey to Reaching Federal Data Goals

Agencies are prioritizing data governance, organizational culture and emerging technologies in efforts to gain data-driven insights. The number of devices and sources generating data is increasing at an exponential rate, and organizations are looking for ways to harness the power of that data and unlock its value. To do so, they’re turning to innovative technologies, networks and capabilities. Government [...]

Innovating with Data: Protecting Critical Assets

Expanding Federal Datasets Require Exceptional Categorization and Management. Both the number of sources generating data and the endpoints that need to access it are growing at nearly every federal agency. This has led to a data renaissance where collected information is being used in innovative ways to improve citizen services and better help agencies accomplish their missions. But there [...]

Coming Together to Combat Ransomware

In an ever-evolving threat environment, the private and public sector must work together and share resources to protect the nation from ransomware attacks. Ransomware attacks are increasingly prevalent and common among state and local governments, posing an urgent threat to infrastructure entities and national security. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has posted best practices and related [...]

State & Local Governments Innovate with Data

As agencies deal with an abundance of generated data, they’re adopting new tools and strategies to gain actionable insights and deliver better citizen services. Data is being generated from everywhere — from mobile devices and cloud-based software to IoT sensors and smart home appliances. Data created at the edge is only growing, and organizations are adopting technologies like 5G [...]

Embracing Hybrid Cloud for DOD Mission Success

The defense & intelligence communities are turning to hybrid, multi-cloud environments to meet the needs of the warfighter in the field & the digital world. The nation’s battlefield has extended from the physical realm to the digital world — and the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community are moving to the cloud to prepare for the future [...]

Driving DevSecOps in Government with Digital Transformation

As agencies move to cloud environments, cloud-native tools and DevSecOps are allowing them to automate security and workflow processes. Government agencies are adopting DevSecOps as they modernize technology systems, and for good reason. The method delivers a powerful advantage in terms of creating more secure software and applications, while also being used to help drive digital transformation [...]

Accelerating Digital Transformation with DevSecOps

Government agencies look to adapt more secure, innovative software development DevOps and DevSecOps are philosophies, movements and even cultures of continuous improvement and integrated security – at scale. When successfully implemented, it delivers a powerful advantage for government agencies at all levels, and can be especially supportive for agencies undergoing digital transformation.DevSecOps is a combination of development, security [...]

Embracing a DevSecOps Culture in Government

People & tools go hand-in-hand when integrating secure software development strategies. As government agencies adopt DevSecOps to streamline the creation of software and integrate security from the start, they must transform workplace culture to help support the program. At the core of DevSecOps is a team of programmers, system operators and cybersecurity professionals, so it’s critical organizations identify [...]

Strengthening Federal Program Management During COVID-19 & Beyond

Agencies are adopting new tools, strategies & concepts to ensure project management is efficient, collaborative & transparent. In government, program management requires coordinating multiple projects while considering cost, schedule and performance — and the pandemic made this job even more challenging. Program team members were working remotely and communication with industry partners was disrupted. So, the Office [...]

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