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This “Geek” Is Helping Change the World of Mobile Computing

You might not be immediately familiar with the term “hardware rooted security.” But that particular functionality is likely part of your cybersecurity future. Especially your mobile computing future.

Traditional desktop and notebook PCs used in government probably have hardware rooted security, but

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SAP Gets Proactive About Helping Vets Find Careers in IT

As Christmas approaches, some veterans back from Afghanistan and Iraq are getting a present from a technology company that wants to help them find meaningful work.

SAP America is conducting its first training course exclusively for returning veterans. They’re learning to become experts in SAP products such as its Sybase database

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Uh Oh, It’s Jack Brooks On the Phone, and He’s P.O.d

When I was transferred to Washington by the then-owner of Government Computer News back in 1991, the first week on the job I was briefed in the Brooks Act. My briefer was former Congressman Andrew Jackson Hinshaw, still energetic at 68, who worked at GCN in semi-retirement, helping us with

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Federal Data-based Apps Still A Lightly Populated Landscape

Phone with many application icons

The statistics are familiar: A billion smart phones in use, millions of apps available, tens of billions downloaded, the Apple App Store offering 10,000 apps in the fall of 2008 and more than 700,000 now. According to

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Five IT Projects To Finish In the Second Term

Checklist with check marks

Continuance of the Obama administration means the IT and IT acquisition policies of the past four years won’t get uprooted and re-branded. That gives the CIO community time to push a few things over the line. Here are

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Cybersecurity Policy Is Sliding Sideways

Bridge between industry and government

Although its specific contents are secret, the administration let it be known through its usual media outlet that President Obama has signed a Presidential Policy Directive, number 20, in October. It gave more clarity to Defense

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Protests Nothing To Lose Sleep Over

Lady Justice holding scales

Count me among the skeptics when it comes to the gravitational mass of contract award protests. Each year the Government Accountability Office publishes its tally of the previous fiscal year count of protests. And each year you hear

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This “Cop” Has Been On Accessibility Beat His Whole Adult Life

David Capozzi

(Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated when the Access Board was created. The Access Board was created under Section 502 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.)

Most people take for granted the ability to blow up type