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Advertising Specifications — The Website for Viewpoints on Government Management

The FedInsider website will help you achieve the most effective return on your investment, FedInsider delivers true branding and direct-response opportunities. With run-of-site positions, you can reach all of our users.

Ad Sizes

Sidebar Horizontal Banner Ad
(220 x 90 pixels) (width x height)

Sidebar Square Banner Ad
(220 x 180 pixels) (width x height)

Sidebar Skyscraper Banner Ad
(160 x 540 pixels) (width x height) Left Sidebar
(220 x 540 pixels) (width x height) Right Sidebar

Alt text: Up to 20 words
Discount: Take 20% off if you’re a first-time advertiser.
Closing Dates: Flight date is five days from receipt of ad files.

Material Specifications

GIF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF files are acceptable. All images and fonts must be embedded in files. Images must be web-ready RGB, 72 dpi. Include all required files, url details for click through, alt text (maximum of 20 words), and any additional production information. Also include placement information, any third-party ad tags, ad serving details, and reporting instructions.

FedInsider offers four ad sizes (see above). Ads rotate throughout the site’s pages. FedInsider reserves the right to update, change, or modify FedInsider website pages without prior notice. FedInsider will make every effort to notify advertisers in a timely manner of major alterations of specific pages.


Please submit your ad requests and contact information to our Publisher, Claudia Hosky.


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